New Technology in Auto Windshields

February 20, 2015 at 4:35 pm

Have you ever thought about plasma windshields? Imagine your vehicle could send small plasmic blasts to deflect projectiles from hitting your windshield.
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windshield repair nj

Feb. 19, 2015WAYNE, N.J.Have you ever thought about plasma windshields ? Imagine your vehicle could send small plasmic blasts to deflect projectiles from hitting your windshield.

While this could not realistically stop larger objects from penetrating your glass the amount of damage to your windshield would greatly decrease. Even if the plasma could not completely stop the object from colliding with your windshield it would reduce the impact enough to keep the damage low.

The plasma shield is based on Russian studies of plasma aerodynamics, which is the way ionized gas influences the airflow around an object and decreases the friction dramatically.

You’re probably thinking ‘we are making things fly faster towards us’ but wait, the idea is that the plasma will only affect one side of the object causing one side to move faster than the other making it to shift from its original trajectory, in turn sending the object tumbling.

While plasma seems like the most effective technology to the windshield industry, it requires a massive amount of energy to preform. If a power source could be developed we could see plasma projected windshields in the future.

Automakers have stuffed their vehicles with an overwhelming array of technology over the years, from video screens to bluetooth and airbags. But one part of vehicles has remained stubbornly resistant to change, the windshield.

Using a newly developed technology known as augmented reality offers real world images overlaid with digital ones. These windshields could display driving directions, and impending hazards all without taking your eyes off the road. Augmented reality windshields are a natural extension for car makers competition for higher safety standards.

An augmented windshield could sense that a driver hasn’t seen a slowdown in traffic or another driver merging into his or her lane. The windshield might light up red or highlight the potential hazard causing the driver to hit the breaks.

Augmented windshields won’t be available soon, however, both GM and Daimler say in about five years these windshields will be embedded in vehicles and made available to the public.

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