What exactly is an acoustic windshield and how does it affect my vehicle?

May 22, 2014 at 2:47 pm

acoustic2An acoustic windshield reduces noise in the cabin from the engine compartment along with the sounds of wind, road surfaces, and traffic.  The idea of acoustic windshields is simply to give the passengers a more enjoyable ride while keeping outside noises out, and interior cabin volumes to a minimum.  Up to 1 in 5 new vehicles are installed with acoustic windshields directly from the factory.  Here are some of the key features of acoustic interlayer glass:

• Air-pressure fluctuations against the windshield at highway speeds
• Air impinging on the edges of the vehicle’s body panels
• Other vehicles and environmental noise
• Road noise and vibration; this is also transmitted through the body structure.

It is extremely important to understand what kind of glass you are getting when it does come time to replace your windshield.  There are many knockoffs that do not have the acoustic interlayer built into the glass.  The best way to tell if you are getting a genuine replacement is to look for an “A” on the windshield, or it will actually say “Acoustic”

right on the glass.  PGW, Pilkington, and Carlite are a few of the OEM manufacturers of acoustic glass.  American Mobile Glass http://www.autoglassnj.com of NJ purchases only OEM quality products for the safety and satisfaction of our customers.  Don’t be fooled by a less expensive aftermarket windshield that do not perform the same as what was previously in your vehicle from the factory!

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